8500, Lorem Street, Chicago, IL, 55030
8500, Lorem Street, Chicago, IL, 55030
Cooking day at Gardino

Italian Pasta Master Class

about the master class

Biggest Pizza Master Class from Our Owners and, Most Important, Pizza Lovers

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our restaurant. We guarantee you the freshest food, delivered daily to our dock, prepared to your liking. We can prepare a specific meal by request. All our locations are providing a wonderful open-air venue to enjoy the meal all year round, we offer both indoor and alfresco dining and our focus is on serving. Giardino's dishes are always freshly prepared with simple, delicious products.

Als Chef und Eigentümer überzeugt Antonio Limani stets mit Temperament und Freundlichkeit.


Giardino evokes the generosity, humor and simplicity of Italian gastronomy with its unquenchable thirst for life and appreciation of exquisite flavors.

Elizabeth Abrigado

32 years

I enjoy a classic pasta with quality ingredients. And this pasta is absolutely delicious. The same can be said for all the free toppings!! Thank you so much, guys.

Bradley Crawford

41 years

This restaurant has a great attitude and delivers delicious dishes at great prices. Thank you so much for excellent service and the best pasta in my life.

Elsa Francis

19 years
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    Don't Miss a Post! Stay Tuned

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